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The ever-increasing demand has resulted in content providers being forced to implement end-to-end security solutions in order to protect premium content from unauthorised access and distribution brought about by streaming and OTT content on popular platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. These solutions are intended to protect premium content from unauthorised access and distribution brought about by streaming and OTT content on popular platforms. These solutions safeguard premium material against unauthorised access and distribution, both of which might arise as a result of streaming and OTT content being made available on popular platforms.

These solutions stop premium content from being accessed and distributed in an unauthorised manner, which ultimately protects the content’s integrity. By preventing unauthenticated users from even being able to access premium content in the first place, these solutions prevent unauthorised people from acquiring that content.

A complete security plan must always include all of the following components: content that is safeguarded by DRM-protected content, code protection, forensic watermarking, and user authentication. The following is a list of these components in the order that they are listed:

As the media business continues its global expansion and as the popularity of the internet continues to climb, new types of piracy and new techniques to commit it are emerging.

It is now widely accepted that behaviours carried out offline and those carried out online are equally valid means of committing the crime. In order for content providers to be able to meet the ever-increasing demands that are placed on them by pirates, it is absolutely necessary for them to implement preventative measures.

In this specific scenario, an internal video watermarking solution is not the best option for watermarking video; rather, it is recommended that a video watermarking service that is based outside of the organisation be utilised. The most compelling arguments are as follows, and they are presented in the following list which is organised alphabetically:

The ability to utilise not just the specialists who are now employed but also the resources that are currently available:

It is of the utmost importance that any security solution be developed with the use of the most cutting-edge technology and the most recent development cycles that are now available. It is imperative that this activity be carried out.

There is a significant likelihood that any firm, regardless of how large it is, will have a tough time gaining this. This holds true even if the company is quite small.

Working with a company that provides watermarking services on a third-party basis will provide you access to the most recent innovations and technological advancements in the field of forensic watermarking. If you want to avoid falling behind on the most recent instances of cyber piracy and other security concerns, this is an absolutely necessary step to take.

If you want to keep up with what’s going on in the world right now, it’s important to have information like this on hand.

A more constrained window of opportunity to respond: In the event that content that is protected by digital rights management (DRM) is altered in any way, a reaction from a third-party provider can be as prompt as is practically possible.

In the case that the level of security has been compromised, time is of the utmost importance, and prompt action is essential in order to minimise catastrophic losses in terms of financial resources.

It takes a significant amount of time and effort on its own to remove watermarks from information that has been downloaded unlawfully or otherwise accessed in a manner that is not authorised. This is because the watermarks were placed there in the first place.

This is because removing watermarks is a complex procedure that requires the completion of a variety of individual phases. As a result, removing watermarks is not an easy task. When it comes to the actual process of watermarking, forensic watermarking service providers focus their efforts on simplifying the procedure as much as they can while still adhering to their requirement of designing a sophisticated technique. This is done while still maintaining their requirement of protecting sensitive information.

The majority of the time, the process of installing watermarking systems is managed by a team of security experts who have been brought on board by an independent service provider in line with the terms of a contract. This is the case the majority of the time.

When a brand-new internal service is being introduced, it is not necessary to make any preliminary monetary investments or meet any other prerequisites that are related to the underlying physical infrastructure.

Because attacks can occur at any time, the security of a system needs to be continuously modified and improved in order to ensure that it can withstand potential dangers. This is necessary in order for the system to be able to survive potential threats. This is due to the fact that assaults can take place at any given time.

It is possible that the organisation will be able to avoid incurring costs that were not included in their initial forecasts for their budget if they collaborate with a third-party supplier. This possibility exists since it is more likely that the organisation will be able to save money.

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