Tips to stay healthy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting journey. Sometimes high or low, this challenging ride requires expecting mothers to buckle up. It inspires them to enhance their wellbeing and health with careful lifestyle choices. You need to consider and take care of many things during pregnancy, and you must do everything you can to stay healthy. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Be transparent with your doctor

Visit your doctor and dietician regularly or book an appointment with the best gynaecologists in India on SeekMed to seek second opinions. They will monitor your progress and ensure the baby and your wellbeing. A dietician or healthcare professional will provide you with a tailored diet chart based on your health. Discuss your family and your medical history of congenital disabilities, if any.

Maintain a healthy weight

Expecting mothers must gain appropriate weight to foster their baby’s growth. A safe weight is not only beneficial for the baby but also helps mothers switch back to a healthy weight. However, experts warn pregnant women against gaining too much weight as it may lead them to gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition, the chances of health risks shoot up for women with overweight or obese.

Remember to take the weight gain journey gradually. While doing so, avoid consuming extra calories during the first trimester. According to experts, the weight gain should stay within the range of 1-4 pounds in the first trimester and 2-4 pounds each month from the fourth month. Keep your doctor and dietician in the loop about your lifestyle changes. It is safer to consult your healthcare professional before setting goals for your weight gain.

Diet and vitamins

Your diet and calorie consumption depend on your medical history, weight, and age. Maintaining a healthy diet with low-calorie beverages can help achieve a good weight. You should take prenatal vitamins when you learn about your pregnancy or if you are trying to conceive. The baby’s neural tube that develops into the brain and spinal cord needs iron, calcium, and folic acid from stage one. Have a balanced meal rich in vitamins, especially folate (a natural form of Vitamin B9), found in cereals, lentils, wheat, and oranges. You must also reduce caffeine intake and replace your unhealthy munchies with fruits.

Physical activities

Staying physically active plays a huge role in women’s health during pregnancy. It reduces backaches, bloating, leg cramps, and the risk of gestational diabetes and postpartum depression. Enrol on pregnancy exercise classes or engage in moderate-intensity aerobic activity. Consult the best gynaecologists in India if you have any underlying health issues like obesity, amenia or diabetes for expert advice. Do not start yoga, swimming, pilates, or walking without checking with your doctor. Physical activities cater to several benefits. It helps in postpartum recovery and reduces pregnancy-related risks such as preeclampsia, troubles in the cesarian section, and length of labour.

Don’t forget to include kegel exercises in your routine to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles that control the bladder, bowels, and uterus. These exercises are easy to perform but go a long way, helping you during delivery and preventing postpartum urinary incontinence.

Write a birth plan

Write down how you plan your labour and share it with all the stakeholders. Creating a birth plan may not be necessary, but you can add the following points to your checklist.

  1. Who should be present during the delivery
  2. Procedures you wish to avoid
  3. Kind of clothing during the process
  4. Whether you want forceps or vacuum delivery
  5. Location
  6. Kind of pain relief, if needed

Do your homework

Attending a birth class will give you a lot of insights regarding delivery. Apart from preparing you for childbirth, it offers a great platform to clear any doubts or concerns.

Avoid toxins

Eliminate tobacco, illicit drugs, alcohol, and solvents like paint thinners, and nail paint removers due to their strong link with congenital disabilities, preterm birth and miscarriages.

Say no to saunas

Saunas or hot tubs that overheat are harmful to pregnant women. It shoots your skin temperature to 38 degrees Celsius in only 10-20 minutes which is borderline hazardous for expecting mothers.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for mothers, but it takes you on a roller-coaster ride. You’ll feel excited, happy, emotional, exhausted, and stressed, all at the same time. Make sure you don’t let this plethora of emotions take over your health and lifestyle. Maintaining healthy habits and following your doctor’s advice can make you feel better.

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