Revature Briefly Talks About Navigating Tech Jobs in 2023

Software developers are likely to find a number of job opportunities in 2023, both in the tech field and beyond. Industries like healthcare, manufacturing and transportation are especially looking for developers with the latest skills to create innovative products and services. Hence, it is a great time to acquire important software skills through Revature and explore lucrative job opportunities. A variety of industries today hire developers as they need to continue to develop or support the technology that they have. For a large number of businesses, the ongoing need for developers has continued even through layoffs and hiring freezes.

Revature provides a general understanding of the tech job market for 2023

High demand for developers is expected throughout 2023. Even though economy might be slower, but the need to maintain, as well as further develop organizational technology is not going anywhere, and hence there would be a demand for software developers across multiple industries. Owing to the need for effective cloud-based data solutions, ecommerce, and focus on better customer experience, software has become integral to a lot of mainstream business operations. As a result, almost every company is a tech company in a certain capacity, especially in regard to software development.

Almost every industry vertical has a need for software developers today, ranging from aerospace/defense and healthcare to finance and manufacturing. In finance, for instance, there is a high need for developers who have the capability to create increasingly sophisticated systems, for instance, using Python to build financial models. On the other hand, customized software is used quite commonly to make the manufacturing process more efficient. Developers are required to create solutions for almost everything, right from product life cycle management and customized production scheduling/

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, strong hiring trends for tech workers have been seen from aerospace and defense contractors. Owing to continual government spending, such companies enjoy a steady stream of projects that require many levels and types of tech professionals, including software developers.

There is also a high demand for software developers in certain fast-growing segments that spread across multiple industries, like the Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber-security. IoT applications tend to include enterprise solutions like product tracking systems, customer analytics, resource management and security systems and even smart homes that use sensors to control lighting and other appliances.

Industries like healthcare, retail and manufacturing have especially been quite active in deploying IOT. When it comes to cyber-security, just about every company, big and small, across industries are looking to enhance their data protection capabilities. Hence, there are many opportunities available for developers with the competency to create new security tools or make enhancements to existing applications.

People having enough experience in working with cloud native technologies and distributed systems are especially likely to find lucrative job opportunities in tech companies in 2023. The individual contributor type roles like a mid-level engineer are especially in high demand. If one does not have enough industry experience, they can always choose to join companies like Revature to get the hands-on training and experience necessary to improve their odds of landing a good tech job.

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