Prepare Dried Fruits

Pickled Cranberries Nuts: The Tastiest Way To Prepare Dried Fruits

With the onset of the pandemic, many people have tried their hand at cooking and baking a variety of dishes that they never tried before — their adventurous food endeavour becoming quite popular on the internet as people shared their delicious recipes with others on the online media platforms. One such surprisingly unique dish was pickled, specifically fruit and dried fruit pickles which has being quite popular ever since.

Since making pickles has been particularly an Asian cuisine tradition, the pandemic helped many discover this dish throughout the globe as people now try to make pickles of a variety of vegetables, fruits and nuts. One such pickle that took the internet by storm was the pickled cranberries nuts, with its sweet and spicy flavour that is unique to only this type of pickle.

What is a cranberry pickle?

Just like any other pickles made out there, cranberry pickle is nothing but cranberries dried and fermented with spices and/or sugar. Since pickles can be both sweet or sour based on their ingredients and preparation, pickled cranberries nuts can also be sweet or spicy as per the recipe it is made by.

However, since cranberry itself is quite sweet, most people make sweet pickles or syrup out of them by storing them in glass jars filled with crystalized sugar before leaving them to ferment for a few weeks. In the case of the spicy cranberry pickle, dried cranberries are suggested for the recipes, unlike fresh cranberries, as used in the sweet pickle recipe.

Benefits of pickles

Unlike what many may think, pickles are not only made as such for their delectable taste — they are quite healthy as well, making them an ideal side dish with Asian food or even simple rice. Pickles, whether sweet or spicy, facilitate digestion and good immunity in its consumer, making them quite popular among the ones pursuing a healthier diet.

Pickles also decrease muscle cramps and spasms while increasing the electrolytes in one’s body, making it a popular diet food as well since the calorie ratio to food is quite low for pickles while adding an amazing flavour to anything it is added to or eaten with.

Where to buy cranberries from?

The answer to this question solely depends on the place one lives and the availability of cranberries in their nearby groceries. Since not all stores or groceries have fresh cranberries available, one can either buy them as dry fruits from nearby stores or through online shopping platforms.

While many may love cranberries, buy online is the best option in case fresh or dried ones are not available in the stores or one is living in a place where cranberries are not usually grown. In such cases, spicy cranberry pickles are much easier to make and store, without worrying about them going bad since the spices or sugar in them would preserve all their nutrients and the whole dish itself.


In the end, pickles are a good way to prepare any vegetable and fruit to last longer as well as to make them much healthier and nutritional in value. Anyone seeking to make healthy yet delicious food can easily try making pickles.

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