Matt Davies Harmony Communities Explains How to Deal with Aggressive Dogs

Matt Davies Harmony Communities

According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, dogs are usually the most lovable creatures that love you back unconditionally. However, sometimes, due to unfortunate circumstances, some dogs can turn out to be aggressive. It may happen with your own pet. Let’s check out how you can deal with aggressive dogs.

The Details

  1. Relax – Whether you come across an aggressive dog or own one, it’s important to remain calm in tense situations. Take a deep breath and calm down so that you don’t stress out your dog or the aggressive dog in front of you. Dogs feed off your energy and can easily detect when you’re anxious and nervous. If your own dog detects that mood from you, it may get aggressive to protect you. If it’s the dog in front of you, it may get aggressive to defend itself.
  2. Respect all dog breeds – Some dog breeds like rottweilers, pit bulls, and Dobermans get a bad rap. Due to the large size of these breeds, they do look scarier than a Shih Tzu when they get aggressive or even a bit snappy. It’s important to relax and let those breeds know that they aren’t in a dangerous environment where aggression is necessary.

Some people even use shock collars and abuse to rectify the aggression. However, that only leads to a disaster. Dogs like these don’t dream of making the news while growing up. Make sure you understand those breeds and are prepared to handle them before getting them from the shelter or buying one from a pet store.

  1. Talk to the vet – Dogs can’t communicate the way humans do. If their aggression is caused by an underlying medical condition, they wouldn’t be able to let you know. When dogs are in pain, they tend to lash out and show signs of aggression. Even the friendliest golden retriever can be aggressive under pain.

If you suspect your dog to have an infected wound, orthopedic condition, or any other medical condition that’s making it aggressive, talk to your vet. If your dog is injured, wear protective gear since they may bite you under intense pain, even when you’re trying to treat it.

  1. Get professional help – Aggression issues can only be managed by you temporarily. They do not go away by themselves unless they are due to an injury or medical condition. That’s why you need to seek out professional help from a behavioral specialist who specializes in pet behavior.

Make sure they have certifications like CAABs (certified applied animal behaviorists), CPDTs (certified professional dog trainers), or Dip ACVBs (diplomats of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists). Professionals have formal training and years of experience understanding different dog breeds and can help fix your dog’s behavior.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to deal with aggressive dogs. Make sure to treat your dog with respect and care and stay calm and relaxed in tense situations. You don’t want to stress out aggressive dogs with your panicking energy.

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