Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Hart Net Worth 2023: How He Got So Crazy Rich

Kevin Hart is one of the most successful comedians in the world, and Kevin Hart net worth of approximately $450 million as of 2023. He has earned his fortune through his stand-up comedy, movies, TV shows, endorsements, and business ventures. In this article, we will explore how Kevin Hart became so rich and what he spent his money on.

From Stand-Up to Stardom

Kevin Hart started his career as a stand-up comedian in Philadelphia, where he was born and raised. He struggled at first, facing rejection and criticism from audiences and fellow comedians. He eventually found his voice and style, drawing inspiration from his personal life and experiences.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and landed a role in the TV series Undeclared, created by Judd Apatow. Although the show was short-lived, it opened doors for Hart to appear in other TV shows and movies, such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Scary Movie 3, Soul Plane, and Little Fockers.

Kevin Hart Net Worth

However, it was his stand-up comedy that made him a household name. He released several comedy specials that were hugely popular, such as I’m a Grown Little Man, Seriously Funny, Laugh at My Pain, Let Me Explain, What Now?, and Irresponsible. He also embarked on several sold-out tours around the world, earning millions of dollars per show.

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According to Forbes, Hart made $70 million from his What Now? Tour from 2015 to 2016. He also made $59 million from June 2018 to June 2019, making him the highest-paid comedian in the world that year.

From Comedy to Business

Kevin Hart is not only a comedian but also a savvy businessman. He has leveraged his fame and influence to create his own media company, Hartbeat Productions, which produces movies, TV shows, podcasts, and digital content. Some of the projects that Hartbeat has produced include Night School, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Jumanji: The Next Level, Central Intelligence, The Upside, Die Hart, Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up, and Cold as Balls.

Kevin Hart Net Worth

Hartbeat Productions is currently valued at $650 million, according to The Strive. Hart owns an 85% stake in the company, which means he stands to make a huge profit if he ever decides to sell it or take it public.

Hart has also invested in several other businesses and ventures, such as LOL Network (a comedy streaming service), Fabletics Men (a fitness apparel brand), Audible (an audiobook platform), Headspace (a meditation app), Rally Health (a digital health company), and Hungry (a catering service).

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From Riches to Philanthropy

Kevin Hart is not only rich but also generous. He has donated millions of dollars to various causes and charities over the years. Some of the examples include:

  • Donating $50,000 to a Philadelphia high school that was struggling with budget cuts.
  • Donating $25,000 to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.
  • Donating $100,000 to four HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities) as scholarships for students.
  • Donating $600,000 to help fund 18 scholarships for students from low-income backgrounds.
  • Donating $1 million to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
  • Donating $250,000 worth of laptops to underprivileged students in Philadelphia.

Hart has also used his platform to raise awareness and funds for various issues and campaigns, such as Black Lives Matter, COVID-19 relief, education reform, cancer research, and mental health.

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Kevin Hart net worth

Kevin Hart is one of the richest comedians in the world, Kevin Hart net worth of $450 million as of 2023. He has achieved this through his hard work, talent, hustle, and vision. He has also given back to society through his philanthropy and activism. He is an inspiration for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.

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