Is Online School Suitable for UK Year 8 Students

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Online courses are becoming more popular among nontraditional and recent high school graduates. They provide them with various academic opportunities at a fraction of the tuition fee. Individuals looking to take advantage of hybrid courses, which combine online learning with classroom instruction, can also do so.

A survey conducted in 2019 by Santa Clara University revealed that many distance learners are satisfied with the various aspects of online learning. They also talked about their ability to interact with their teachers and peers. The survey results also showed that over half of the respondents were highly likely to recommend online education to others.

Getting the right support and resources for a child’s transition from Key Stage 2 to 3 is very important. It requires long-term collaboration between schools. This can be done through regular communication and sharing information and resources. Early years, secondary schools, and primary schools all need to work together to ensure that the child receives the best possible education.

The key to a fruitful Key Stage 3 is having a smooth transition towards a new way to tackle the curriculum. For parents wondering whether to enrol their child in an online school in the UK, here’s everything you need to get started.

Why Should UK Year 8 Students Choose Online School?

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Cross-Phase Partnerships

The link between schools, teachers, and pupils can positively impact a child’s academic and personal progress. It can help them make continuous progress and develop their soft skills. Projects that involve both schools and pupils in secondary and primary phases can also help teachers and teachers improve their practice.

This collaboration might involve establishing family links, sharing resources, and working together on projects and events. It might also involve planning and running multiple events, such as summer schools and careers fairs. It might also involve working together on teacher visits, exchanges, and cross-phase mentoring and tutoring.

Cambridge Home School Online prides itself on how we emphasise the involvement of parents in their child’s education. With parent-teacher meetings thrice a year and regular updates, we ensure that parents have all the resources necessary to keep an eye on hope their child is performing. This is integral in taking care of any issues that may come in the way of their child’s academic excellence.

Since Year 8 is such an important time in a child’s academic life, this ensures that students have a firm comprehension of the fundamentals they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

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These types of partnerships are also beneficial for creating summer schools and settling-in sessions for pupils. They can also help teachers track student progress as they change phases. Having both primary and secondary teachers working together on assessment strategies can make it easier for them to identify areas of concern.

Cross-phase partnerships can also help teachers introduce more subject-specific teaching to the early years of primary school, helping them develop a more holistic approach to the development of their students.

Lower Total Costs

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Compared to a traditional school, online learning is more affordable. It can still provide your child with a high-quality education. According to research, average annual costs for private schools in the UK have risen to around £17,000.

If you’re looking for a private school that provides high-quality education, Cambridge Home School Online can provide you with an annual fee of £9,000.

We’re committed to making online learning more affordable and accessible to parents. We’ll help parents provide their children with an exceptional education while keeping their budget intact.

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Aside from being cheaper, online learning also offers various cost savings, such as the availability of digital books. As long as they have enough credits to be considered part-time students, those looking to pursue a degree or certificate can apply for financial aid. Most colleges also accept applications for institutional aid, such as need-based grants and scholarships.

More Comfortable Learning Environment

Online students can complete their coursework at home or in a library or coffee shop. This eliminates the need for them to travel to the campus and allows them to work in various environments that are conducive to their personal interests. Aside from being cheaper, online learning also offers various cost savings, such as the availability of digital books.

This factor is especially convenient for families that travel frequently. Rather than enrolling your child in different schools, effectively impeding growth, an online school accessible anywhere with an internet connection can help them stay on top of their studies.

Pacing Options

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The UK Government has set up certain regulations to ensure that homeschooling is done effectively and is on par with the national standards of traditional schools.

Because of this, while the top UK online schools abide by these regulations to ensure that students can finish their academic year on time, online schools provide teachers with the ability and flexibility to help the students who are lagging.

Cambridge Home School Online tackles this by having smaller classroom sizes so that teachers can better provide help to students needing additional help. Our enrolment measures, though strict, ensure that motivated, English-speaking students populate our small classrooms.

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Career Advancement

Nontraditional learners can also benefit from the various advantages of online education. One of the most common reasons why people choose to pursue online education is because it allows them the ability to study subjects they are passionate about

By having subjects in Key Stage 3 like Music, Art & Design, and English Literature, students can hone their skills and work towards building their careers around their passion.

Leading Online Education in the UK with Cambridge Home School Online

Touted as the leading British online school by many on TrustSpot, Cambridge Home School Online provides the academic and non-academic support students need to succeed in school, helping them perform exceptionally well and have an enjoyable online learning experience.

We work extensively with teachers, parents, and students to ensure that students at all levels can get the most out of their education, providing quality British online education to students worldwide.

We offer four online homeschooling programs that help students get the guidance they need, from when they start school to pre-university. Parents can view our list of programs as well as subjects offered here. We’re proud to provide a high-quality learning opportunity in many subjects to students who may otherwise have been unable to find the right guidance.

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