How to Become a Delivery Driver – The Complete Guide

Before you apply for any delivery driver jobs, you must know that these drivers are tasked with delivering packages within set time limits and on routes that are pre-approved by their employer. The volume of packages that must be handled makes this occupation challenging, to say the least. This job can also be dangerous; you’ll be driving through areas that are poorly lit, crowded, and filled with numerous distractions such as signs, pedestrians, traffic, and bicycles. If you’re looking to become a delivery driver, know the basics ahead of time so that you don’t end up becoming another statistic on the roads. In this article, we cover everything from what kind of truck to buy to working as a delivery driver.

Get to Know Your Vehicle

When you first start out as a delivery driver, you’ll likely be assigned a delivery truck that’s old, loud, and doesn’t meet modern safety standards. It may seem like a simple thing to get right, but it’s easy to forget over time. Make sure you know the make and model of your delivery truck and the specific safety features that it comes with. If your company uses a different truck model, make sure you know the minimum and maximum vehicle speeds and the allowed operator speeds.

Find The Right Truck for Your Needs

Once you’ve determined which truck is right for you, you’re ready to find the right route for your company. It’s likely that your route will be pre-approved by your employer which will help you choose the right truck. Your route selection will also depend on the products you deliver and the types of vehicles you need to drive. Truck manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes and there is no one perfect truck for every application. In fact, there are millions of different make and model trucks on the road today which makes it challenging for drivers to find the right truck for their needs. You’ll want to carefully examine each make and model truck to make sure it fits your needs and the transportation needs of your business. Be sure to read the driver’s manual for specific information on how to best use each specific truck on the road.

Choose The Right Route for Your Company

Your route selection will also depend on the type of route you operate. Some routes will require you to scour the roads in your area looking for the perfect route. This may mean you’ll have to drive along the wrong side of the road, or along rural roads that are not wide enough for two trucks to drive side by side. Other routes will only require you to drive certain streets and route around other streets that are closed. When you select the right streets for your route, the trucks in your path will be able to safely operate on them. When your route requires you to drive on a street that is closed, make sure you check the status of the street closure tag on your route map.

Earn top pay through volume and speed

Delivery driver jobs are no easy task. The volume of deliveries you make and the speed with which you complete them will determine how much money you make and what sort of benefits you’ll be provided with. Top-level executives will often drive for Uber or Lyft, making a much lower salary than the average delivery driver. While it might not seem like it, your top-level executives probably don’t need to drive as hard as you do. The volume and speed at which you drive will determine how much money you make and what sort of benefits you’ll be provided with.

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