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Great Travel Insurance For The Budget-Conscious Traveller

Travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself in case of an emergency. You never know when you might get sick or injured, or your luggage might get lost or stolen—and travel insurance can help cover the medical costs or replace your lost/stolen items.

Travel insurance in Malaysia is a bit different than it is in other countries. Malaysia has a state insurance program called MySalam, which provides comprehensive coverage for medical expenses and lost luggage. However, this insurance only covers you if there’s an injury or illness that occurs during your trip, so it’s not going to cover you if you’re just planning on visiting friends and family without any major health issues.

If you want to be covered in case of injury or illness during your vacation, then you’ll need to purchase travel insurance separately. It’s important to note that many policies don’t cover preexisting conditions, so if you have any chronic health problems or injuries, it would be wise to seek out extra coverage before heading off on your trip.

What are the types of travel insurance in Malaysia?

Below are the three main types of travel insurance in Malaysia:

  1. Comprehensive Travel Insurance—This type of insurance covers most, if not all, of your travel needs. It will typically include coverage for emergency medical evacuation, lost luggage and personal effects, trip cancellation/interruption and more.
  2. Single Trip Travel Insurance—This type of travel insurance provides coverage only for one trip, usually within Malaysia or Southeast Asia. If you’re planning a short trip abroad, this may be all you need to protect yourself against theft or loss of property but not much else if something goes wrong with your trip (such as needing medical attention). It’s important to know that this type of insurance does not cover trips outside Malaysia or Southeast Asia unless specifically stated by the provider; some providers will allow you to purchase additional coverage if desired at an additional cost before departure/while traveling abroad (check with them before booking!).
  3. Emergency Medical Evacuation—Emergency medical evacuation (EME) is a service provided by some travel insurance companies that help cover the cost of transporting you back to your home country in case of an accident or illness while you’re traveling abroad.

What are the travel insurance requirements in Malaysia?

First, you’ll need to have your passport with you if you’re planning on travelling outside of Malaysia. If you’re going to be staying within the country’s borders, then it’s not required to have your passport on hand.

Next, it’s important that you have enough money in your bank account so that if something were to happen while travelling and you needed medical attention, or if you were involved in an accident or lost your belongings while abroad, you would be able to pay for those things without worrying about debt or bankruptcy later down the line due to not having enough cash on hand at the time of emergency.

The last thing we recommend having with you is a smartphone—this way if something happens while travelling abroad, there will be someone who can contact family members back home immediately without having to wait for someone else who might not be able to reach them quickly enough (such as when travelling by boat).

Which are the best companies to buy travel insurance from?

Here is the list of eight top travel insurance companies in Malaysia to buy your insurance from.

  1. Grab insurance
  2. Berjaya Sompo Travel Insurance
  3. Chubb Travel Insurance
  4. Tune Protect Travel Insurance
  5. Zurich Takaful Travel Insurance
  6. Allianz Travel Insurance
  7. AmGeneral Travel Insurance
  8. AXA Affin Travel Insurance

To sum up:

The good thing about travel insurance is that it usually covers a wide variety of events that may happen while travelling, so you can choose your own combination. It is also relatively easy to get and doesn’t take too long to apply for, making it fairly convenient for anyone wanting to travel.

What is more, the cost of your insurance will depend on several factors, which is usually within your control. For instance, you can choose when you want your cover to start or what types of activities you want it to cover.

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