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Unparalleled GMAT online

The road to one’s dream B-School begins with a high GMAT score. Given the amount of competition today, no MBA aspirant can afford to approach the preparation casually. There is an overabundance of prep tools out there but not all of them can be trusted. Instead of wasting time with bogus claims, students should opt for a trustworthy GMAT prep program, like that of Experts’ Global’s. Experts’ Global, since its inception in 2008 by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, has created a standard setting program which has shown tangible results consistently.

GMAT-like Feel

Experts’ Global’s GMAT preparation is a cut above the competition because of its ability to create a GMAT-like feel when it comes to preparing questions and mock tests, and creating the right testing environment. Each of the firm’s several thousand questions are structured as per the GMAT. Additionally, the program presents students with a GMAT-like testing screen with full-screen layout, and identical graphics and controls. What is most remarkable about the program is that the scoring on mock tests also greatly resembles that of the GMAT. Over 500 students have testified that their Experts’ Global mock test scores were very close to their GMAT Prep scores. The larger idea behind reproducing a GMAT-like feel in as many aspects as possible is that students build as much comfort as possible with GMAT structures through repeated practice in a similar environment.

Regular Mock Tests

Fifteen full-length GMAT mock tests are made available to students as part of Experts’ Global’s GMAT prep program. The approach is that students undertake regular study and mock testing to facilitate building of mental toughness and development of test-taking strategies.

Video Explanations

Video lectures are at the forefront of Experts’ Global’s GMAT instruction. The GMAT syllabus has been split into 100 modules, with each module tackling a single concept through an easy-to-understand, yet detailed, video. This division, along with the focusing of videos onto a single subject matter, helps students absorb and retain information more effectively. Video explanations are available for practice exercises and mock test questions as well. The solution is explained with brevity and ease so that students grasp the essence of how to solve the question and build speed and accuracy.

Augmented by Analytics

Experts’ Global’s performance analytics ensure that students will gain a holistic look at their work after each mock test and question section they complete. Instead of just providing an overall score, the score for each section is displayed so students can easily identify areas needing improvement. In addition, the analytics software tracks students’ speed across different question types, providing useful information not just about the student’s level of study, but also their test-taking strategies. This insight about students’ weaknesses and strengths is analyzed over several mock tests to present a holistic view of students’ prep and bring the best out of them.

Added Features

Experts’ Global’s prep program also contains some added software features which facilitate ease of study. As an example, one can look at the “sticky notes” feature—small colored pop-up note-taking windows that can be used to jot down notes while answering questions or studying. What makes this useful is that all notes can be “pasted” onto a single location, a “wall”, from where students can easily navigate to their notes and the corresponding question or topic. Another example that facilitates navigation is a feature which allows questions to be “flagged” so that the system can bring them up in the future, as per the students’ need. These features allow for saving learners’ effort and time in the process, the importance of which should not be underestimated, along with making learners’ approach to their prep more methodical.

With an outlook that relies on data, comprehensive concept coverage, regular test-taking and practice, and an overall emphasis on methodical study, Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program, when followed diligently, is sure to get aspirants to their goals!

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