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Brass is a soft metal, and its composition is an alloy of copper and zinc. The composition of copper and zinc can vary accordingly to achieve the desired colour and mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties. Lead is commonly added to brass around a concentration of 2 percent as its addition improves the machinability of brass. But usually, copper has the larger proportion. It is widely used in decorative material and is known for its bright golden colour. Brass is used in manufacturing materials which has a resistance to corrosion and require low friction such as locks, gears, hinges, ammunition, electrical plugs and sockets, decorative materials, etc. In India during the past as well as the present, brass was used as an application in vessels and also to make a variety of furniture.

Some Features of Brass 

  • Brass is malleable that is it can be hit and transformed into a shape easily without cracking or breakage.
  • By changing the proportions of copper and zinc, the characteristics of brass can be changed forming hard and soft brasses.
  • Brass can be recycled. Since it is not ferromagnetic it makes it easier to separate it from other metals and recast it.
  • It has low friction, so it is easy to cast.
  • It has auditory properties that are desirable to be used in musical instruments like trumpets, cornets, trombones, French horns, etc.
  • It resists corrosion.
  • Brass surprisingly has anti-microbial properties too, especially used in marine surroundings for biofouling that is, they kill the accumulation of microorganisms in ships, submarines, etc.

Some products are made of brass

  • Hardware and tools – brass can be found in nails, tacks, measuring instruments, hand tools, etc. so they are used in construction and related industries.
  • Locks and keys – brass can withstand high pressure and combat rusting ensuring the smooth functioning of locks. So, they are used to produce good-quality locks and keys.
  • Brass door hardware like Doorknobs and handles – brass is cast around for its anti-microbial properties which are found in its majority composition which is copper. Since they have the ability to fight bacteria, they are used in objects such as doorknobs and handles as they frequently come in contact with hands.
  • Musical instruments – there is a family of brass musical instruments which include trumpet, trombone, tuba, French horn, and euphonium. Due to their corrosion-resistant nature and durability, they have impressive acoustic or auditory properties.
  • Decorative items – due to the malleable and flexible nature of brass, it is a sought-after selection to sculpt sculptures, and its attractive gold color is famously intended to infuse in decorative materials such as photo frames, curtain rods, etc.
  • Examples of some other products are shell casings, gears and parts, radiators, etc.


There are many brass hardware manufacturers who provide the finest antique hardware (antique doorbells and cabinets, doorknobs, handles, etc.), creative quality products, decorative hardware with the latest trends in mind, and a wide range of home hardware, that are durable with good quality. They provide online services and deliveries too. Some examples of brass hardware manufacturers are Adonai Hardware, RK industrial components, Aruna techno industries, etc.

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