Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Offers a Handy Guide to Improve Blood Circulation in Body

Effective circulation of blood in the body is integral because it supplies the most vital organs of the body with the necessary oxygen and nutrients for their efficient functioning. Many people suffer from the effects of poor blood circulation that can potentially harm the brain, heart, and kidneys or result in extreme feelings of coldness, deficiency of magnesium to erectile dysfunction. Those who experience poor blood flow and suffer from its effects depending on the intensity of the issue, are recommended to consult physicians of reputed facilities like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic.

On the evaluation of the underlying problems, apart from providing medication-based treatments, the consultants encourage to use of vitamins, herbs, and activities as mentioned below to enjoy faster outcomes.


Vitamin E: Some great sources of vitamin E, which people can incorporate into their diet plan is by cooking foods with oils like sunflower oil, hazelnut oil, wheat germ oil, and any other nut oils. Also, vitamin oil meant for cooking purpose can be used as a rich source of vitamin E that boost blood circulation.

Vitamin B: A deficiency of vitamin B can lead to different health problems including lessening blood circulation. Having proteins like fish, eggs, dairy products, poultry, and meat (not red-meat) apart from leafy green vegetables, kale, peas, beans, and cereals can be highly beneficial to boost blood flow and address other health problems

Iron: Iron is the most vital element for the production and increased flow of blood. Nearly 65% of iron that the human body contains is found in hemoglobin (RBC). Among the best sources of iron that people can consider to boost blood production include meats, seafood, and poultry known as heme iron (derived from animals). The non-heme (derived from plants) include fortified nuts, legumes, seeds and vegetables containing iron are great choices to avail iron.


Herbs are used for ages to promote blood circulation in the body. Some of them include black pepper, butcher’s broom, cayenne, chickweed, ginger, thyme, turmeric, chickweed, hawthorn, etc.

As per the experts of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, other than vitamins and supplements, people who are sufferers of low blood flow, can improve the circulation of blood in their body by following certain healthy habits.

Healthy Habits

Workout: Involvement in different aerobics is a great way to increase the circulation of blood. For example, brisk walking, running, swimming, jogging, dancing, rowing, cycling, etc. These activities are not only great to have a healthy heart, as it is the core of managing blood flow, and this helps get the result of optimal blood flow.

Managing stress: While temporary stress does affect human health, long-term or chronic stress typically upsurges the release of hormones. These hormones increase the heartbeat and narrow the blood vessels. To manage and prevent long-term stress, practicing yoga, meditation, and deep breathing are the most effective and proven ways. This will lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, overweight, depression high blood pressure, etc.

Massage: Apart from helping in stress management, massage is a great solution to boost the circulation of blood in different parts of the body including the heart. When manipulated by professionals, the body discharges chemicals named endorphin making an individual feel good.

Apart from this, keeping the body well-hydrated, quitting smoking, and lessening alcohol consumption also help improve blood circulation.

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