Daniel Klibanoff– An Overview of Direct Marketing and What It Means?

Daniel Klibanoff

As a business owner, you need to promote the right business messages to your potential customers, and an effective way to do so is via direct marketing. This form of marketing helps every business owner grow fast and establish their presence in the market. In fact, direct marketing should be included in every company’s business plan for improved lead conversions and sales.

Daniel Klibanoff – Scale your business with direct marketing

Serial entrepreneur Daniel Klibanoff is an expert and respected name in direct marketing from Asheville, North Carolina, USA, and according to him, it is the most effective method for you to scale your business and reach out to your targeted customers successfully. He is an experienced entrepreneur widely known for his leadership skills in marketing.

He is the CEO and the President of Multimedia Lists Inc and has built many large data companies from scratch to convert them into established names generating millions of dollars every year.

Building a successful career with direct marketing

According to him, every business owner can build a successful career with direct marketing. It is a form of marketing where you are in charge, and unlike digital marketing, you do not have to rely on online reviews and search engine optimization. There are no middlemen involved in direct marketing, and you can create the marketing message you want and talk with your potential customers with your offers.

Direct marketing is no longer associated with cold calling and junk mail. It has evolved and no longer intrudes into your privacy. Customers receive it well, and as a business owner, you can use direct marketing as a powerful asset for selling your products/services on both offline and online platforms.

Developing your content on social media

Today, social media is the most widely-sought form of direct marketing, as it has a community of users who buy products from brands after seeing them shared by other users. The experience of the user is shared on the platform, and they describe their relationship with the brand to inspire others to purchase the product. Credible reports state that since 2018, there are about 55% of online users have purchased a product after seeing it on social media.

Internet Display Ads

According to Daniel Klibanoff, display ads are a popular form of direct marketing that helps the business optimize investment returns. The user clicks on the ad on the business site, and every ad is charged for every click. An example of a display ad can be the call-to-action “Shop Now” button you generally see on a Facebook Ad.

Display ads are effective in reaching out to the targeted customer. However, the message of this ad needs to be clear and precise. The ad’s content must be compelling so that the user clicks on it instantly. You need to be highly creative with a display ad, as the customer today has become really savvy and understands the advertising world well. The ad for your business should attract them at first glance and make them respond positively within five to ten seconds!

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